12 December 2007

Home stretch

In the last two days, I've written just shy of 10,000 words to finally finish off Chapter XI. Earth is fucked, the war is over, our heroes have arrived wherever it is they're going to be for the next decade or so. All that remains is the final chapter, which will be much reduced from the original--the whole stowaway plot is dropped and we're fading to black as soon as Livvy (I changed her name--did I mention that?) counts six stars in Cassiopeia. In a way, I feel bad for cutting a lot of that, especially the flight into Toliman, but the book is over 120,000 words as it is. The story of the Toliman settlers can be saved for another project.

I've settled on a new title for the book. I'm keeping that under wraps for now, however--only the test readers will know. I'm also considering publishing under a pen name (mostly for commercial reasons), but I'm not settled on that and so I'm keeping that under wraps for now, too.

Just a few more days, folks.

Post Script: On 18 December, I'm taking The Humanist Inheritance down from SDN. This is also for commercial reasons. I'm going to actually split off the thread from its opening post and leave the opening post in Fanfics, so any links to the story out on the interwebs will be unbroken, but the story itself will be gone. It's not being deleted, but I'm taking it out of public view indefinitely. It's a first draft anyway. So if you want to read it, do it now.

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