11 March 2008

Underway again

And we're off. While some test readers are still reading, I've begun the first stages of re-editing the novel. For now, all I'm doing it taking a blue pencil to a hard copy of the manuscript and cutting, cutting, cutting. One of my goals for this draft is to tighten the story by 10,000-30,000 words, and that means the merciless slaughter of unnecessary verbiage (especially adverbiage...ha!....I slay me).

No idea when it will be done, but the goal is the beginning of summer. By that point, it will either be done outright, or, more likely, need just a polish. By Christmas, at the absolute latest, I plan to start agent hunting.


Stefan Moluf said...

Glad to hear it!

I happened across the original draft (via Atomic Rockets) just a week or so before it was taken back, and I've been dying to get my hands on it again.

Keep it up. I'll be first in line for the book.

Da Rev said...

Good to hear, Red. Damn jealous of those test readers.

Anonymous said...

Hey Red!

Glad to hear this is still going, and has progressed so far! I'll definitely pick up a copy once you've got it published. Best of luck!

-McC, from SDN

Stefan Moluf said...

Hey! What's the story, mate?