30 November 2008

New chapters finished

Finally finished the second of the new chapters last night (tentatively titled "Clusterfuck" and "Antimatter Monday"). They both ran longer than I wanted (around 12,000 words each), but I think I can get away with that, though bringing the final draft in at ~100,000 now seems impossible; there's just not that much fat left to trim anywhere else. I'll start editing the last chapters today, though how much work I actually get done is an open question.


Neal Coleman said...

If it gets the story told without extra fat, clocking in at significantly more than 100,000 words is just fine. IMNSHO, of course.

Matthew said...

Well, 120,000 is pretty much a hard upper limit for a first novel no matter how lean it is. You can't sell anything longer unless you have a proven track record (or can break it into a series, which I've been determined from the beginning not to do). But I'm absolutely certain now I won't hit 120. I probably won't even hit 110.

I guess I'm using the word count as a measure of the tightness of the story. At this point, I know this story. I could probably recite half the damn thing from memory. So I have a good idea what word count is "tight" and what is "bloated" or "rushed". 100 would be so tight it hummed, but I don't think I'm skilled enough to trim that much fat. If I can keep it under 105, I'll congratulate myself and call it a day.