26 November 2009

One more, and then I promise I'm done

As it turns out, Harlequin is not the first publisher to create a vanity imprint with Author Solutions.  Thomas Nelson, which is to the Christian market as Harlequin is to romance, had the idea first, with their West Bow Press imprint.  It's exactly the same deal as Harlequin Horizons DelleArte Press, except for one little thing:

DelleArte Press's base package costs $599. West Bow's? $999.

Attention, Real True Christians: this is the price you pay for having your own special subculture with your own special "Christian" everything. It's an open invitation to get ripped off...or ripped off more, in this case.


Anonymous said...

Hi Matt.

I read about The Humanist Inheritance on Atomic Rocket (which I just discovered today), and my interest was piqued. If you're still in the process of looking for a literary agent (I'm with William Morris Endeavor in New York), I'd be happy to read. You can email me at mhudson AT wmeentertainment DOT com. In any event, it sounds like a fun book -- best of luck with however you decide to go.

Matt Hudson

Neal Coleman said...

Slightly relevant comment: "You're an Evangelical if you (a) know where to get a Jesus poster, (b) know who James Dobson is, and (c) listen to a Christian radio station." -Colleen McDannel (my wife thinks).

Evangelicalism today is more defined by the subculture than a particular belief system.